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Sandra Mckay

Involvement with the Club:

Three Years as a parent supporting my son, one year (two seasons) assisting with my sisters Pauline and Debbie running and organising the ‘SNAK SHAK’. We saw many children and young people attending the club for many hours, sometimes without drinks or snacks. We decided to volunteer running the Snak Shak providing drinks (hot and cold) and snacks which are affordable for everyone (adults, young people and children).


Quotes that sum you up:

“You know what you want, you’re caring and smart, you live your own life and stay true to your heart.”


“Goodness is about character; integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity and moral courage...the truth matters...”


Facts we might not know:


  • Senior Exam Invigilator


  • Chaperone


  • Tap Dancer

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